Godmen, Books, and Peace

I read gazillion books,
That tried to calm my mind,
I met a hundred god men
That claimed to heal my kind,
Some hypnotised me into belief,
And tried to reach my soul,
Some asked me to pick my fate
From chits in a bowl.

I ran away from all the god men
And piled up all those books,
And sat upon one heap of them
Bearing helpless, sad looks.
Just then, one fine rosary,
Found home in my hand.
I sought God in prayers,
While it slipped like grains of sand.

The ghosts of all the godmen,
And all the bookish birds,
Revolved around my heavy head
While I chanted my words.
On calling God, nonstop
I felt my heartbeat ease,
No book or godman could bless enough
As did His name, in peace.


Celebrating 300 likes on my Facebook Page, here’s the first photograph to be featured, alongwith my poetry. Picture Credits- Muhammad Yousuf Mansoor

– Shereen A. Mir ( fromlifetoshereen )


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