Refugee //پناہ گزین // शरणार्थी

An Afghan refugee, photographed by Steve McCurry  @stevemccurryofficial

Original in Urdu

Mainn ek panah-gazin
Na mera koi thikaana;
Kal uss gali, aaj iss sheher
Likha hai mera aana jaana.
Na mere libaas wohi rehte,
Na mere raabte muqarrar;
Na koi dost na humsaaye,
Mainn hoon faqat muhajir.
Yeh shehron ki sahooliyat
Kya mere dard se muqabil?

Jis zameen pe janma hoon mainn,
Jin afrad ke darmiyaan bada hua,
Bas waqt chalte mainn chorr chala
Apna bachpan woh, dara hua.
Ab bhoole bhatke phir pohonchun
Toh miljaaye kahin pada hua.
Tumne amwaal toh beshak khoye,
Par kya bachpan kho kar jaana?
Haan, mainn toh panah-gazin
Na mera koi thikaana.

Purkhon ke kisse bhool gaya,
Watan ki khushboo yaad hai.
Meri nasl ko jawaab laa de koi
Ke ab kya mere baad hai?
Khuda, tu inko hifz mein rakh,
Bas itni si faryaad hai.
Mainn haq ki baat karta hoon,
Par kab yeh muashrey ne maana?
Haan, mainn toh panah-gazin
Na mera koi thikaana.

English Translation

I am a refugee, I have no fixed dwelling,
There yesterday, here today… That’s my destiny.
Neither my clothes remain the same, nor my connections,
I have no friends, no neighbours, I am a mere refugee.
Does the convenience of cities compete with my pain?

The land I birthed on, the people I grew up with,
I’ve left it all behind, along with my scared childhood.
On wandering, if I reach there again, I’ll see them, still lying scattered a corner.
You may have lost your wealth in cities,
But have you lost your childhood like this?
O but I am a refugee, I have no dwelling.

I have forgotten the stories of my ancestors,
But the fragrance of my land is still afresh in me
Can someone please tell my generation,
What will befall them after me?
Lord, please grant them safety
That’s my only request to you.
I speak of my rights, but when did ever the society listen?
O but I am a refugee, I have no dwelling.

We are into the last 10 days of the holy month of Ramadan and it is the best time to stand by the most vulnerable families. If you’d like to donate, please click here .

Shereen A. Mir ( via Instagram and Facebook )


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