We’re Waiting, We’re Watching

What is this grimace dripping from skies?
What are these thorns rising from the ground?
Sharp, fatal and long endearing
Like our martyrs, underneath found.
Was there none to listen to their screams?
Perhaps the leaders were silence-bound.

Taunts about ‘red cheeks’ flew in the air,
Behold! Now skies too are painted red
With the blood of brotherhood, kith-n-kin
And of every hope that is now dead.
“No innocent lives will be lost”
Din’t we all hear what they said?

Now where are you? O boisterous orators
Come join us, as Eid visits,
We’ll wait to offer more soldiers
And feed you peace till you retreat
We’ll wait to serve you cold hearts
And watch as history repeats.

– Shereen A. Mir (via Instagram )


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