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To begin with, let me throw some stats here for the fact-hungry logicians:

  • Muslims were the target of 51% of violence centred on bovine issues over nearly eight years (2010 to 2017) and comprised 86% of 28 Indians killed in 63 incidents, according to an IndiaSpend content analysis of the English media.
  • As many of 97% of these attacks were reported after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government came to power in May 2014, and about half the cow-related violence – 32 of 63 cases – were from states governed by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) when the attacks were reported, revealed the analysis of violence recorded until June 25, 2017.
  • Of the 28 Indians who died over the seven-year period, 24 were Muslim, or 86%. As many as 124 people were also injured in these attacks. More than half (52%) of these attacks were based on rumours.

To note, the attacks include mob lynching, attacks by vigilantes, murder and attempt to murder, harassment, assault and gang-rape. In two attacks, the victims/survivors were chained, stripped and beaten, while in two others, the victims were hanged.

Now, coming to this article and my opinion as stated here, let me draw attention to the fact that this is not against any particular religion. But yes, this is surely against violence and inhuman practices in the name of religion. It’s been quite long, I’ve been reading about people in India (both Hindus AND Muslims, and even some marginalized communities) getting killed for no logical reason, but merely on the basis of ridiculous assumptions and communal hatred.

I ask, why? This is not the India I know. So where is all this coming from? Why is it spreading like forest fire? Why is the government not able to deliver what it promised? Don’t we deserve peace?

No. I refuse to buy this.
I refuse to allow murders, lynching, and all other kinds of torture under the pretext of religion.

I refuse to bend against extremists who preach nonsensical ideologies, that have no reference in the Scriptures.

I refuse to stay silent after watching innocent lives falling prey to communal hatred.

And I refuse
to live in fear
any more.

No, Haters, #NotInMyName .
Live and Let Live.

Shereen A. Mir (via Instagram )


4 thoughts on “#NotInMyName

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  1. There would be some people who’d see it in religious colors, I won’t.
    If you kill someone in the name of religion, you are still a criminal. And what happened to Junaid is heart wrenching……….

    And it makes me wonder…..

    Why do we have so much hate??



    1. Why do we have so much hate? This question goes above my head, to be honest. If we knew the exact cause, then it’d be eliminated long ago. Sad, really sad.
      God knows how many more deaths are still in process while I (and others) write about this issue.

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