A Passenger

It was a hazy, rainy morning.

I had struggled my way to the railway station in that weather, beating all mud pools and unpredictable showers. So much, just to board that train at 8AM, on time.
The train, on which I first met you. And the train, on which we’d last met.
It’d been more than a year, and ever since I’d made sure that I boarded the same train every single day, hoping to see you again… Even if I wouldn’t know how I’d react on seeing you; even if I wouldn’t know how to make you stay, this time.

Just as I was losing myself in memories again, the clock struck 8, and the announcement for train’s departure was made. The guard waved the green flag high up in the air, and the train moved.
Perhaps, all it needed was a green signal and it started moving forward… Slow at first, and eventually building its pace.

I was seated on my usual window seat, watching the raindrops slide on the window screen. These rains, too, had a lot of nostalgia to share. As I glanced outside, my eyes reeked of patience, of hurt, of waiting.

Rainy train journey (3)

Yes, I’d been waiting every single day, for 18 months.

For what? For you to come, and join me again some time…

to join me in this journey, in every journey.

Let me be bold, I waited for you to join me in the journey of life as a whole.

I refused to admit, that I was expecting lifelong company from a person who was a master of temporary business.

And then, that hazy, rainy morning, the sun of realization shone upon me.

I finally saw sense in the train leaving the departing passengers behind, and moving on to new light, new hope, new purpose. It dawned on me, that all this while I’d been considering you as my destination, perhaps you were only a passenger in my journey.
A soon-to-depart passenger.

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