Mumbai Diaries (I) – The City

Source- @fromlifetoshereen on Instagram

She teaches you to survive like a warrior, and face everything as it comes, such that no matter how rough your day passes, yet at the end you reflect on how thankful you are.

She holds your hand and weaves big dreams with you, irrespective of how small a village you belong to. She even makes you believe that the dreams of ordinary people come true too.
She shows you that love can be found in the most unexpected places at the most unexpected time… amidst a heavily crowded BEST bus, along the road while sharing a rickshaw, or even at the roadside stall waiting for your Pani Puri.
But please do not consider her perfect. She is not made of everything nice. She will also make you realize that there is a grey side to everyone. You will see shades of deceit, hurt, hate, and all that with her. But do not hold grudges, for all this is a part of her being. She never claimed to be an angel, but the devil in her has a good heart.
Ah she is unstoppable, ever so mingling with the hustle-bustle. She doesn’t stop for a minute! But hey, you’d love her for that. ‘Coz you admire her strength and willpower.
Ladies n gent’men, that’s Mumbai- a synonym of hope, lessons, and big dreams, altogether.
Long made short, here’s loads of love to this beautiful city.
And if this reminded you of someone in particular, then please let them know. That person deserves your appreciation and affection, just as Mumbai does, with this post.- Shereen A. Mir ( via Instagram and Facebook )


11 thoughts on “Mumbai Diaries (I) – The City

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      1. I have recently written my frst post… After going through your previous post I am sure you will enjoy it and I am a new blogger so will be awesome to know your view ☺ thx


      1. so you came during the monsoon and left just before the sky really opened up!!! I missed a chance to get your autograph!! 😦 when are you coming next?


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