Be At Ease- Part I

I know, you are not that into flowers. But what's with so much of ruthlessness, that you're turning yourself into a thorn? - Shereen A. Mir (via Instagram and Facebook )

What’s Your Happy Place?

When things are not really going right, When I've had too much of reality, When I'm tired after a long day at work, ... Say in short, when I need to switch off, This is the setting I get away to. The boldest subject in this picture is the giant teddy. I have no explanations,... Continue Reading →

Does God Still Reside In You?

If you have countless reasons to give up, and you still manage to hold on a little, a little, and little more, instead of losing all hope and succumbing to the worries , Then you’re lucky- God still resides in your heart. If you see a person cleaning the floor, And you feel guilty for... Continue Reading →

Godmen, Books, and Peace

I read gazillion books, That tried to calm my mind, I met a hundred god men That claimed to heal my kind, Some hypnotised me into belief, And tried to reach my soul, Some asked me to pick my fate From chits in a bowl. I ran away from all the god men And piled... Continue Reading →

Look At Me, Tree.

  Look at me O withered tree, I’d read you like a book, Your fallen branches woo me, They pull me to have a better look. . What secrets do you hide? What times have your branches seen? Through people passing, Through seasons changing, While steady you have been. . You attempt to scare young... Continue Reading →

Love : A Costly Treat

Love is expensive, it's really expensive. Maybe that's why everyone desires it, but not everyone gets it. Who doesn't want love, but the question is, can you afford it? If you cannot handle someone's unpredictable behaviour, If you cannot take tantrums, If you are self-prioritising, If you are emotionally weak, If you are not willing... Continue Reading →

Syria – How Much More?

Syria: Less of residence and more of a warzone. I fail to understand, who is the Al Assad regime scared of, in this country of ruins? Is it the men, who have lost their capacity to bear more family deaths? Or is it the women, who have survived seeing the impaired corpses of their children... Continue Reading →

Depression : Retaliation

I am writing on WordPress after a long time. What prompted me is not the fact that I was missing it (sorry) but the fact that I have no one to hear me out. They say, depression is a state of mind and we all should contribute in helping the person out. But in real,... Continue Reading →

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