Of Letters and Hope

I was looking for a letter, I searched it everywhere. One drawer remaining, "Ah! Must be here." As I checked that last drawer, I found my childhood toy case. And in it, I saw a tiny Hope with the same innocent face. That instant, I came to realize, How tricky life can be. Back then,... Continue Reading →


Coffee Vs. You

I've always been addicted to coffee, its flavors; I'd love how it made me high. But since the day I tasted you, I've been intoxicated for life, And I've never found coffee or anything else as addictive, as flavorful. - Shereen A. Mir ( for the Daily Prompt- Flavorful )

Like a Rose

The world asks you to be like the rose that spreads fragrance even to the hands that crush it. But they forget to tell you, the other part of the story; The very rose, calm and fragrant, also pricks the hand that tries to hurt it over and over. Because, sweetheart, if someone can choose... Continue Reading →

Save The Rohingya Muslims

Ever wondered how it feels, when you are ousted from your own country, just because you follow a particular religion? What is the agony of witnessing your entire family's slaughter with your own eyes? And even if you survive, then what extent of helplessness is felt as you all have nowhere to go? Literally nowhere.... Continue Reading →

Mumbai Diaries (I) – The City

She teaches you to survive like a warrior, and face everything as it comes, such that no matter how rough your day passes, yet at the end you reflect on how thankful you are. She holds your hand and weaves big dreams with you, irrespective of how small a village you belong to. She even... Continue Reading →

A Passenger

It was a hazy, rainy morning. I had struggled my way to the railway station in that weather, beating all mud pools and unpredictable showers. So much, just to board that train at 8AM, on time. The train, on which I first met you. And the train, on which we'd last met. It'd been more than a... Continue Reading →


To begin with, let me throw some stats here for the fact-hungry logicians: Muslims were the target of 51% of violence centred on bovine issues over nearly eight years (2010 to 2017) and comprised 86% of 28 Indians killed in 63 incidents, according to an IndiaSpend content analysis of the English media. As many of... Continue Reading →

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