You Don’t Get It… Do You?

You don't get it. I am a soft person, I do not like harsh treatment. No one does. Not even you. Your words rudely hit me though, teasing and mocking my self worth. But... you don't really get it, do you? This world has everso been unfair; You'd know that I've trust issues with it.... Continue Reading →


We’re Waiting, We’re Watching

What is this grimace dripping from skies? What are these thorns rising from the ground? Sharp, fatal and long endearing Like our martyrs, underneath found. Was there none to listen to their screams? Perhaps the leaders were silence-bound. Taunts about 'red cheeks' flew in the air, Behold! Now skies too are painted red With the... Continue Reading →

Be All You Can Be

Be the blossom to my flowers, Be the beats to my heart, Be the wind to my sails, Be the love to my art. Be the moon to my night, Be the healing to my scar, Be all you can be, And all that you are. - Shereen A. Mir ( @fromlifetoshereen ) via Daily Prompt: Blossom... Continue Reading →

Be At Ease- Part III

I know, you do not admire changes; But what's with such monotony, that your soul is losing its form? - Shereen A. Mir (via Instagram and Facebook )

Be At Ease- Part II

I know, you do not like silence; But what's with so much chaos, that you're transforming into a storm? - Shereen A. Mir (via Instagram and Facebook )

Be At Ease- Part I

I know, you are not that into flowers. But what's with so much of ruthlessness, that you're turning yourself into a thorn? - Shereen A. Mir (via Instagram and Facebook )

What’s Your Happy Place?

When things are not really going right, When I've had too much of reality, When I'm tired after a long day at work, ... Say in short, when I need to switch off, This is the setting I get away to. The boldest subject in this picture is the giant teddy. I have no explanations,... Continue Reading →

Does God Still Reside In You?

If you have countless reasons to give up, and you still manage to hold on a little, a little, and little more, instead of losing all hope and succumbing to the worries , Then you’re lucky- God still resides in your heart. If you see a person cleaning the floor, And you feel guilty for... Continue Reading →

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